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“A boy has a right to dream. There are endless possibilities stretched out before him. What awaits him down the path, he will then have to choose. Children leave their homes in search of this quest. As they search, they are always asking questions. What’s out there? What’s waiting for me? Believe in your-self and create your own destiny. Do not fear failure.”

       Everything should be viewed individually, Everything has a story.

Fright Fest with @living_together_ (at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
how it went down.
Become who you are!
Friedrich Nietzsche (via amandapowell)

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Canadian soldier during the Great War

#Tbt to this morning’s wicked foggy sun rise. #Wilmington

Clint Eastwood skating on the street of Rome, ca. 1960s.

Lester Kasai went higher frontside than any I’ve ever seen until Pedro Barros came along twenty-five years later. This was a frontside air to lien air at Del Mar in 1985.

Frontispiece. A Falling Meteorite. Minerals from Earth and Sky. 1929.